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**see YouTube clip **
because I was more concerned on report the person than saving my 1 minute 30-second shadowplay replay recording soon enough this video isn't as detailed as possible and not showing everything from the begining. but to me it's clear that Rainbow six has a big hacker problem and the hackers have been pretending to be normal players only this time one decided to show his full capabilities finally. What you see here is a hacker teleporting from the lower ground (looks as if he is manteling over the couch below to go through the floor) level through the floor to melee me into the wall on the upper floor as its clear nothing can stop him. I fear to report isn't the big issue here the big issue is the game is old and the hacker base is large enough that I feel confident to say Ubisoft can't and won't do anything. hacker generate player base and this generates interest in this old game. Ubisoft hacking software is nothing more than an onscreen notification generator as it is impossible to determine if some are factually hacking or not. If the software can't tell if windows is hacked how can it tell if the player playing the game is hacking ?? The only way to really find a hacker is by human review of actual encounters(less likely to happen), however, this gets even more complicated still because hackers are posing as normal players pretending not to see their targets through walls. please read this article and realize this is from 3 years ago by an actual hacker in RB6: I fear this game has by far the biggest long-running hacker community on the internet and this won't ever change. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/com...

Hackers in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: why do hackers hack in kids video games?  Well, they are looking for attention and the false sense of admiration for being able to carry their team and be a film star hero superstar for a short time everyone wants to be. But don't be fooled these humans are ruthless and would do anything to prey off of real legit gamers.

In other words, they are parasites with no face or persona other than to deceive you in the shadows and prey off of you as much as they can deceive you with.

I think its sad and it's also possible that this is their cry for help as they have no moral compass to help them make the right choices or know what is right from wrong. This could also be an indication that they are suffering abuse in their family or stepfamily ?!

The unfortunate reality is they will continue to participate in these form of the false sense of accomplishment and won't understand reality. But they certainly also at some point of their lives will reach depression levels no human can survive.

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